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2020年3月20日 九州外語専門学校の卒業式が行われました。


**************** 抜粋 *******************

At the beginning of the first semester, there are two things I’ d like to share with you.
One is about your course of study and the other is what you are expected to do to be successful.

Your course of study is similar to building a house.
Imagine you are building a house of your own, by yourself within one or two years depending on your course of study.

You need building materials and knowledge and skills to complete the project.
Building materials are the subjects on the timetable.

Each subject is going to be the fundamental parts of your house, such as the foundation, the roof, the floors, the windows, the walls, the doors etc. Every one has exactly the same materials to start with.
The knowledge and skills needed to complete the house can only be earned with your commitment to each of those classes.

The more you commit yourself to study and prepare yourself for class, the better your house would become. By the end of your course of study, you will have built a house you can be proud of and will serve you well all through your life.
if you don’t do your best, your house will soon collapse.
Here’s what you should do to be successful. There are three things for you to remember.
No.1: Have passion to everything you do to accomplish your goal.
Your passion helps you motivated and help you to keep going until you reach your goal.
No.2: Make plans for every class you are taking.
In order to make a good plan, first you need to manage time properly by setting your priorities in order. It is called time management. Once you made plans, follow them through.

No. 3: Be focused and active in class.
The more you are focused, the better you can learn and you will be active in class.

In conclusion, if you want to be successful, come every day on time and be ready to study, which means;

1.Before you come to school, do your preview your classes.
2.During class, pay close attention to your teacher and take notes.
3.After school, review the lessens you have had and do your homework or research.

More importantly, prepare for the next day.
Keep this cycle going until it becomes your habit.

We expect you to do your best, while we do our utmost to guide you and help you to make your school life worthwhile.
We look forward to having a close and conductive time together, thank you.